Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Firetruck

This was our Christmas gift to my son Kenshin. Its like a Lego type assembly firetruck! When we bought this in the store, I said to myself, this would take around 3 hours tops, but I was wrong!! Good thing I was on vacation, and its one of those father-son bonding activity.

but when he saw this...

he only took the wheels and played with them hehehe!

It took me 8 hours of tinkering, finding, and locking all of 150pcs of this firetruck! From time to time, Ken would check my progress hoping it would be built soon. My fingertip are all sore from the locking and pulling and pushing from the small parts.

And finally, a very satisfied customer hehe! Still playing with it throughout the day!


Fred.F said...

Cool . i'm a lego fan too .the Last Lego set I do is the Café corner 4 hours of fun .

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks Frederick! :-)
he's sleeping beside the firetruck now :-)

any pics of your Cafe corner, I would love to see that! :-)