Monday, December 1, 2008

What Christmas Really Means

Diecast collection is an expensive hobby. We collectors are the real lucky ones, we can afford to buy most of the diecast we desire. But to some less fortunate people, having a loving father or a mother would be like Christmas to them everyday, and 3 meals a day is like a grand holiday for them too.
What is the real meaning of Christmas? It really is about giving and sharing your love, time and understanding and your blessings to others, specially to the kids. And that's why our group Diecast Car-Collectors of the Philippines(DCPH) made sure that these unfortunate kids have their share of love and care. Our senior member Romy (the one I custom ed a tomy honda CRV) has this annual project for some years now, and together with the club and some generous sponsors like Bankee , Richwell Trading, Henry Kroeze of, RLV great, Westmont Pharmaceutical, DelMonte and to all those who bought the raffle tickets last swapmeet, we give our heartfelt thanks!

I wasn't fortunate enough to join the festivities because of my work, but these pictures taken by our dear friends in DCPH made it all worth while, maybe next year I could join them.

the B.A.T.A. Foundation (foster home for girls)

the kids presenting a song..

some fun and games

from our kind sponsors...

To everyone, have a happy and meaningful Holidays!
Big thanks to our friends at DCPH for these precious photos!


Starscream said...

Mikie you are so right about collectors having it good to be able to pick and choose our collectibles.

Indeed it is a time of sharing and giving but I would just like to point out that charity not only begins at home but also it should be all-year round.

Anonymous said...

Big Bravo for Mr. Mike! You are a real collector. :)

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks Starscream and Tom!

bravo to the DCPH execom and the generous sponsors for making this possible!

benpaul said...

wow! its really nice for the kids this festive season.. your truely a great collector.

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks Ben, its very heartwarming to see kids always happy and joyful! :-)