Monday, April 28, 2008

The 2008 Manila International Auto Show

The MIAS 08 was the 3rd time that I joined in displaying my
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions. DCPH together with its officers
Alex(tomylord) and Bickford(raceteamboy) helped us in making
this possible.

the group shot...

Ingress time...
too busy!

another shot

members collections
Andy's Mazda's

Martin's Hummers

Louie's Tomicas

Marlon's Pink Collection

Space Invader's yellow collection

Guilbert's Tomicas

Slash's collection

Ray's 1:43scale supercar collection

Fritz Jaguar collection

Agentponkan's black Kyosho Ferrari collection

Kenneths Movie Cars collection

Vespakid's Chargers and Superbirds collection

job well done DCPH!! :-)

big thanks to Shadow23raver and to Space Invader for their pics!! :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A 1:64 Mclaren F1 Roadcar

Since i couldn't find a version in 1:64 scale of this Mclaren F1 roadcar
I decided to make one myself, and found an imitation casting made by

I decided on a GT version of the Mclaren
and ended up with this...

fabricated the GT wings and added wheels from an Japan GT racer

together with an original casting of a Hotwheels Ferrari 512M

too bad i couldn't replicate the original side vent as of the moment
maybe i could find the original 1:64 Microchamps Mclaren F1 in the future :-)

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Matchbox Ford Escort RS2000 Restoration

I acquired one from a trade, and made a street version out of it...

heres the original state of the car when i got it...

it was in bad shape, but not the worst like some other cars that I acquired which needs fabrication.
Just a nice paintjob and some realistic wheels and rubber tires will do the job!

and here it is...

I luckily found another casting which needs restoration too
if I've got enough time, I'm planning to make a tarmac version with flarings.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Jada Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

Did a bit of tuner style with this casting, and I also did a half open window in the front.

This baby is not with me anymore but I know its in good hands.

together with an original evo III

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A beaten Lancer lives again!

My second casting of a Tomica Lancer turbo EX came in this condition.

the windsheild was painted, the body was painted also with a brush,
all in all it was a nightmare!! I had to fabricate the windsheild and other glass with acetate.
Removed the 2 existing foglamps on the grill and fabricated a new grill with
white stripes, repainted and looked for new shoes for the Lancer and here it is...

after a few days, i decided to add windsheild wipers and side mirrors upon a request
of a friend of mine and came up with this...

after a few months, i got a chance to dislpay this Lancer in a contest, unfortunately the paint
cracked due to long exposure with the halogen light which it was directly exposed to.

So i had to repaint again, this time from silver to championship white,
and replaced those ATS look-a-like wheels with some "Banana Type" wheels.

and heres the result...
together with my CM's Rally Lancer.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Restoring a Polistil Renault 16TS and a Lesney Jaguar

I'm so lucky to have the Polistil Renault given as a gift from a friend downunder(Dave).
and another gift given by my friend Carlo from the States. Both cars had paint chips but the Renault had broken and missing window glasses. I fabricated some acetate for the missing windows. Supplied both with rubber tires and new wheels. Now they are as good as new.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

An MGE Toyota Corolla Taxi

This just came as an Idea when i found a nice casting of a Toyota Corolla
by Motormax. This casting can make a lot of custom Corollas like, a race car, police car and I ended up making it a taxi by one of the largest Philippine Taxi company.
The usual stripping of the original paint, a 2 tone white and green combination.
Masking was very tedious for me and it wasn't really that perfect, but i need to learn the secrets.
I know that painting with airbrush rather than a can of spray paint would give a better result.
produced some decals and fabricated the "taxi sign" on the roof and the "red taxi sign" in the dashboard. Rims came from a Tomica Limited Nissan 240 Fairlady.