Thursday, May 28, 2009

1973 Ford Escort Monte Carlo Rally

I was looking for these shots I made for this Ford Escort, but I can't seem to find where I placed the photos, I think this was from early this year,
But finally I found them!

This is a 1:43 scale Ford Escort MK1 RS1600 for the 1973 Rally Monte Carlo.
Driven by Hannu Mikkola in Shell Sport Livery.

Diecast made by Trofeu.

Monday, May 25, 2009

1:43 Ford Escort WRC 1998 Rally Portugal

The 1998 Ford Escort WRC was driven by Juha Kankkunen with co driver Juha Repo for the Rally of Portugal. Diecast made by IXO/Altaya in 1:43 scale

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1998 Mitsubishi Pajero PIAA

At long last! Thanks to my friend Brian for giving me a heads up on where I could find this Pajero.
Diecast by Hongwell/ Carararama in 1:43 scale.

Friday, May 15, 2009

King of the Desert

1985 Paris - Alger - Dakar

Running from January 1 -22, the 7th Paris - Algiers - Dakar was planned as the toughest yet, this time with a route of over 14,000 km which would be contested by a massive entry of 503 competitors, 360 of which were in the car/truck section. This time the Mitsubishi Pajero proved even more popular with three such machines entered by Sonauto Mitsubishi and no less than 37 private entries in Pajeros. Cowan was again the team leader along side Patrick Zaniroli in a second machine, this time in the top modified class. From the majestic Palace of Versailles on the outskirts of Paris, the the Mitsubishi team lead by Cowan and his capable navigator Johnstone Syers headed for the much less hospitable climes of the Sahara once again, a barren arena with little sympathy for the weak or unreliable, where the greatest annual motoring battle would be fought. With temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius and the relentless pounding of the rocky desert as the cars hurtled through at high speeds, the "Dakar" represents the ultimate proving ground for any motor vehicle. For the Pajero, this third attempt at the great desert race was simply another chapter in its rapidly growing reputation as the world's toughest high-performance off-road machine. Under the direction of Sonauto Mitsubishi's director Ullrich Brehmer, Cowan and Zaniroli pounded onward to their destination in Dakar, and famous Japanese actor Yohsuke Natsuki learned what it was like away from the stage while contesting the ultimate challenge with Mitsubishi for the first time in the standard version of the Pajero. In the treacherous Tenere desert, the Mitsubishi Pajero grabbed the limelight with Zaniroli taking the lead and Cowan in second. Where all the rest were failing, the Pajero was in a class of its own. After 22 days the survivors reached the welcome, cooling Atlantic breezes of Dakar, and the Mitsubishi pair of Zaniroli and Cowan celebrated a magnificent 1-2 victory in their Pajeros - after just three years, Mitsubishi's amazing off-road machine had finally scored the incredible victory that everyone knew had been coming since it first appeared. There was no doubt now - the Mitsubishi Pajero was the King of the Desert!


This 1:43 diecast is the version of Patrick Zaniroli/ Jean Da Silva (#189) which won 1st place in the 1985 Dakar race ahead of teammate Andrew Cowan. Made by Norev, it has very good details and a nice base too. I am fortunate to have one because its not often I get to see one here in our part of the world. Thanks to my friend Resti for the deal.

Monday, May 11, 2009

2005 Citroen Xsara WRC

This is the Rally Monte Carlo winner in 2005 driven by the great Sebastian Loeb. This is one of many that Sebastian conquered through his career. This diecast is in 1:43 scale and is made by High Speed, details looks goodat a very good price!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Special Day!

These past few months kept me busy with two things, first was the design and conceptualization of our company's Annual Report publication, the other thing that kept me busy was this...

My son Kenshin's 7Th Birthday Party, and following his favorite theme which is fire rescue, my wife and I made it sure it was what he wanted.

This is his special day!

an hour before the party started.

loot bags and prizes

even the table top has had to have some firetrucks on them hehe!

the birthday cake...

A face painter was on hand.

here's my son in full fireman's suit!

together with "Red" from the "Cars" movie.

a family picture.

and then the guests arrived...

listening for instructions for the different games held.

Aside from the buffet, a cotton candy and snow cone booth here also present,

a firetruck drawing contest for the kids was also held.
the 3rd place went to Frankie (Ken's cousin)

2nd place goes to Kuya Enzo and Kuya Vito (his cousins also)

and the grand prize winner, the entry from his cousin Julius!

cake blowing time!

Giving out Loot Bags!

The minute we came home, he removed his uniform and opened all his gifts
of course the firetrucks where his favorites!! (pardon the underwear shots hehe!)

now our small toy room would be full to the brink!!! hehe!