Monday, March 31, 2008

Restoring a Corgi Ford Escort MK1

My friend Teddy gave me this as a gift!
It was one of my holy grails, this baby is so hard to come by these days
I'm so lucky to have one!

this is the original state of the car.

broken A pilar, wheels and windsheild.

it just needed some tender lovin care...

repainted and added new minilight alloys on this baby!

someone suggested to replace those Oscar Lamps becasue they where to big, well i found some smaller ones and will be redoing the lights soon!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A few new 1:64scaled Toyotas

Updated my Toyota Collection, mostly by Tomica and some others like Kyosho etc.

i still need to get the other versions like the Tomica Limited Vintage Toyota Crown de luxe

heres goes...
snaped pics in my pc wasnt able to set up the lights. hehe!

found some replacement rims and tires on my Corolla

will post more of my Toyotas soon!

Customizing a Hotwheels Lincoln Continental

A few years back, this was like the best and hardest project i made.
Customizing a regular Lincoln Continental to a JFK limo version.
It was a project that lasted for about 5 months on and off. Their was a time that the thing
broke into 2 pieces when i was merely buffing it. so i had to re-glue, sander and repant all over again. But in the end it was all worth it and it won 2 diecast modification contest.

Special thanks to my long time classmate and friend Milo Pascual for making those JFK and 1st Lady figures.

here it is...

with the original Hotwheels Lincoln Continental

the awards won...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Majorette Volvo 245DL

This was my friends childhood toy, the car needed to be repainted already
and fitted with new wheels with rubber tires. Added small details as well

Customization of a Kyosho Ferrari FXX & a Hotwheels Ferrari Enzo

This was actually my second try at the Kyosho Ferrari FXX customizing it to a Ferrari Test Car driven by Michael Schumacher. I did some repainting and decal work, and some clear coat.

This is the real car...

photo courtesy of Reuters

this is my version in 1:64scale...

together with an original Kyosho Ferrari FXX

and a Hotwheels Ferrari Enzo Regular issue customized
into a Ferrari Enzo GT version.