Friday, November 28, 2014

1968 Chevrolet Impala SS

The 1968 Chevy Impala model's front end received a face lift similar to the 1965 model, while rear bumpers held triple "horseshoe" shaped taillights. The formal Custom Coupe, previously a Caprice exclusive, became available as an Impala. Most Chevrolets got hidden windshield wipers. Plush new interiors also helped attract buyers. Impala overwhelmed the sales charts, as it had for years. Full-sized cars could have a 250-cubic-inch six, a 307-cubic-inch V-8, either of a pair of 327s of 250 or 275 horsepower, or a 325-horsepower 396-cubic-inch V-8. Topping the list was the big 427, rated at 385 or 425 horsepower. The two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission was still available with the 250 six-cylinder and 307 or 327 V-8s, but the three-speed Turbo Hydramatic could be ordered with all V-8 engines on the Impala Sport Sedan and Custom coupe.

This 1968 Chevrolet Impala was made by Greenlight Collectibles for their Tenth Anniversary Series in 1:64 scale.

Monday, November 24, 2014

1981 Pontiac Firebird

The Pontiac Firebird is an automobile which was designed by the Pontiac division of General Motors between 1967 and 2002. The Firebird was introduced the same year as the automaker's platform-sharing model, the Chevrolet Camaro. This coincided with the release of the 1967 Mercury Cougar, which shared its platform with another pony car, the Ford Mustang.

The vehicles were powered by various four-cylinder, six-cylinder, and V8 engines sourced from several GM divisions. While primarily Pontiac-powered until 1977, Firebirds were built with several different engines from nearly every GM division until 1982 when GM began to discontinue engines it felt were unneeded and either spread successful designs from individual divisions among all divisions or use new engines of corporate architecture.

The Second Generation Firebirds (1981), Trans Am still used the same engines as it had in the previous model year, with the only change being the addition of a new electronic carburetion system.

This 1:64 scaled 1981 Pontiac Firebird was made by Greenlight Collectibles for their County Roads Series.

Friday, November 21, 2014

1970 Pontiac GTO

The 1970 GTO had been designed with engines displacing up to a full 455 cubic inches. The basic 455 was rated at "only" 360 hp, but it made a stout 500 pound-feet of torque. That's more twist than in any previous GTO, and other driveline components were strengthened to withstand the punishment, including the adoption of GM's "12-bolt" rear end. The 455 was also available with Ram Air, though it wasn't part of the Ram Air III and Ram Air IV family (both of which continued in '70 on the GTO in 400 cubic-inch form, with the III rated at 366 horses and the IV at 370). The two-barrel 400 was excised from the GTO program for '70, and the base engine became a 350-horse 400 four-barrel.

This 1970 Pontiac GTO diecast model was made by Greenlight Collectibles for their County Roads series in 1:64 scale

Monday, November 17, 2014

1978 Ford Falcon XC Cobra

The Ford Falcon XC Cobra was a limited edition of the Ford Falcon released by Ford Australia in 1978. It was based on the XC Hardtop (Coupe).

The cars were painted bold blue and Olympic blue racing stripes and finished with snow white and "Cobra" emblems, a throwback to Carroll Shelby's Mustangsof the 1960s that made the car easily identifiable as a Ford muscle car. Unusually, the bodyshells were painted blue first, the intended blue stripes then masked and the white coat painted over the top. Each of the cars was given its own individual serial number and fitted with a sequentially-numbered plaque (from 1 to 400) in the dash. The first 200 produced were given the 5.8L 351 Cleveland V8, while the other 200 received the 4.9L 302 Cleveland (the exception Build number 1 was a 302 and Build Number 351 was a 351).

This is the only non-American Muscle car in my collection. This car was also the base model for the Road Warrior (Mad Max Interceptor) movie.

The 1978 Ford Falcon XC Cobra by Biante Models in 1:64 scale

and the real Falcon Cobra...

Friday, November 14, 2014

1968 Plymouth HEMI GTX

The GTX was based on the 2 door Belvedere and dubbed as the "Gentleman's Muscle Car." Of the 18,940 GTX models built, there were 450 who paid $564 for the optional HEMI engine. This beautiful GTX is 1 of those 450. Under the hood is a 426cid/415hp HEMI V8 engine with two 4-barrel carburetors. Sold at Barret-Jackson Palm Beach in 2009 for $64,900.

This 1:64 diecast model was done by Greenlight Collectibles for their Auction Block series.

Monday, November 10, 2014

1972 Chevrolet Cheyene C20 Camper

Hard to find 1972 Chevy Cheyenne C20 Custom Camper Longhorn. Longhorn editions were only made for 4 years, they have a wider wheel base at 133" and a 6" longer bed. Still has original 350 CID engine with 4BBL and 3-spd Automatic transmission with 3.73 gears.

I know this is not a muscle car but I cannot resist buying one for my collection and it sits perfectly in my 60's and 70's American Classic collection, who knows I might add a few more of these trucks in the near future. This would definitely look great in an American classic country style diorama.

This 1:64 scaled diecast was made by Greenlight Collectibles.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

1965 Ford Shelby GT350R

Wimbledon White with blue stripes, the Shelby GT350 R was a purpose built race car that became the template for GT350 road cars to follow. Racing in the SCCA's B/Production class, Shelby was Ford's answer to winning the Road Racing Championship for several years. The cars were built in series as a turnkey racecar.

Prepared in conjunction with Ford, stripped out 271 hp Mustangs left the factory for conversion in Shelby's facility. The first arrived without side or rear windows, heaters, defrosters, upholstery, headliners, insulation or sound deadening.

Many changes were done to the body, including the fittament of a distinctive front apron in fiberglass. Flares were added to the fenders to accommodate 15x7 inch wheels. Furthermore the side and rear windows were were replaced by Plexiglas with aluminum frames.

This 1:64 scale diecast model was made by M2 Machines for their Shelby series 20.

and the real version of a GT350R