Monday, June 30, 2008

Matchbox Ford Escort RS2000 Tarmac Version

After seeing my friend Val's tarmac version Golf GTI nearly in completion,
I tried reviving an old unfinished project of mine, a Ford Escort RS2000 by Matchbox.
I started with this project last year, and in the process,
something would break! So I would leave the thing for weeks,
even months at a time, frustrated.

It was actually a very hard project because of how fragile it was using only
styrene plastics and some ol' plastic rods as support for the fenders.

But I got inspired again when I saw the Golf GTI in its wip state.
There was a lot of sanding in between, correcting the angle and correct
side of the fender panels. I even grind the uneven wheel arches of the fender
to their correct shapes.

here are some wip pics...

the original state of the car.

some styrene rods for support

created the fender flairs from styrene plastics also,

and added automotive putty as the filler for all the gaps.

and after all the hard finally paid off.

and some group pics with my other modified ford escorts.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Custom 1:64 Scaled Rolls Royce

I really like my cars to be close to the real thing as much as possible,
even if i could only afford the smaller scaled cars. That's why most of
the time I customize some of them.

This castings of Rolls Royce are no exceptions.

Rolls Royce Phantom 6 by Tomica (repaint and custom wheels)

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud by Matchbox
(repaint and custom wheels plus rinestone headlights)

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow by Matchbox
(repaint and custom wheels)

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Convertible by Matchbox
(repaint and custom wheels, and changed the windshield from an orange tinted one to a clear
windscreen that i got from a donor hotwheels lincoln continental.)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Matchbox Ford Cortina MK4

I got this casting of a Ford Cortina from Aussie Dave tru my friend Third.
I like this car very much because a friend way back had one in 2 door black.
This was the original state of the car...

my first crack at the restoration,
painted it metallic blue and added Banana type alloys.
My brother taught that those alloys looked a lot like
Tanabe type wheels, which of course is not the right
alloys for that era.

Bad thing about aerosol spray paints is that
they are not as tough as those automotive paints.
It had a big paint chip under the door, so I had
to repaint it, and find a more nice set of alloys...

painted it black like my friends car and some nice
stock looking alloys!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ken's New Firetrucks

Updating Kenshin's Firetruck collection, a big thanks
to Ayie, Camille, Gerry, Lorenzo, Martin for helping him
out make his Firetruck collection grow!

an MB and a Hws

a Corgi Firetruck

a Solido 1:60 scale Firetruck

a few Del Prados

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My New 1:43 Lancers

Finally found the car of the late great Richard Burns!!! may your soul rest in peace!
The Lancer Carisma GT Burns/Reid Rally Of Argentina

The Lancer Evolution 6.5 Makinen/Mannisenmaki Rally Monte Carlo

The Lancer Evolution IV Trelles/Christie Rally of Portugal

The Lancer Evolution IV Makinen/Harijanne Rally Australia

The Lancer Evolution V Makinen/Mannisenmaki Rally Australia

The Lancer EX 2000 Turbo Piironen/Airikkala Thousand Lakes Rally

some group pictures...

I would like to give thanks to my friends who helped me
in acquiring these beautiful historical lancer rally cars!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Peugeot 404 Restoration

This 1:64 scale Peugeot was made by Road Masters.

It had a missing a door and two broken pillars!!

I looked for a donor door which should have the same height of the door trims
which i found in one of my regular chevy nomads by hotwheels.
i also reproduced the door handle that was missing from the nomad door, and fabricated the pillars with some styrene plastics

the original cast...


the result...

fabricated the sunroof glass with opening sunroof stand locks