Thursday, January 1, 2009

1:43 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

My first post for the year, and definitely a fresh way to start the year is by introducing more 1:43 scaled rally cars in my collection. I started last December and would continue throughout this whole year. The thought of collecting 1:43 scaled rally cars wasn't really that new to me, I would always imagine, what if? Then the thought that "there's a lot of 1:43 rally cars out there!" and not all hobby shops cater to this kind of line.

Now, I finally decided, its time to move on ...

Not really leaving the 1:64 scale, but I would be really choosy on the cars I would still pick in this scale, there would still be some occasional Tomicas or Kyoshos that I would still pick at a good price, but definitely, it's 1:43 rally cars that would now have a priority.

I started collecting 1:43 rally Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions just to quench and limit my thirst for these rally cars before, but now, it's all systems go!

and to start the year right...

here's the first rally car for the year.

Entered in 1981-1982 at the RAC Rally, driven by the great champion Stig Blomqvist and co driver Bjorn Cederberg. Finished 3rd overall in 1981 at the RAC rally and 8th overall in 82'

the real car...

photo courtesy of Mark A, forum member at

the diecast in 1:43 scale... by IXO

I'm wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

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Tommi said...

Lucky boy!

I would like to have a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, but with the design, that Henri Toivonen had on his car.