Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lesney Ford Cortina MKII Custom Restoration

Some collectors choose not to tamper with these old lesneys, but since it was not my childhood toy and no childhood history of mine involved here, I decided to customized it to my liking. I usually custom all the cars I get from trift shops and make them into a "small scale replica" of the real thing, or as close as possible.

The Ford Cortina MKII by Matchbox Lesney

and after the customization and restoration...

I hope to see a Ford Cortina MKI and an MK3 in 3 inch scale in the future!


Fred.F said...

realy nice , witch paint do use to do your is like a model kit , primer , paint et finaly clear.

I just buy a elite transporter and I want change the color ;)

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

hi frederick!

yes, i just use those paint spray in cans, primer, paint and top coat, they are far less durable than painting it with an airbrush, but thats all i have at the moment.

you can use brake fluid to strip the paint or any paint stripper, just be careful with the stripper. :)

Gaucho Man said...

i had this same model when i was a kid and if i see the blue restored one, i would not recognize it.
exclent job!