Friday, November 7, 2008

Hotwheels Hyundai Tiburon Custom

I had this Hotwheels Hyundai Tiburon for a long time now. since the weather is still hampering my painting schedules, I decided to give time to my projects that are not for repainting.
Since I'm not fond of graphics on cars (unless they are a true replica race car), I decided to remove the Hotwheels tampo design using acetone, carefully rubbing the design slowly, Hotwheels paints are more durable than Jada or Johnny Lightning, but you have to still be careful.
Found a new set of wheels and more paint details, the windshield and windows where a big problem, but i found some donors that fit the Hyundai almost exactly.



a size comparison with a matchbox Jaguar


Andrew Cham said...

hey mike!
nice custom. not a fan of hyundai but that sure looks great.
well, you can choose not to use acetone. you might want to try using polishing cream for cars. i did it with a civic and the result is nice.
indeed hotwheels paint are very durable though !
nice job again..

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks andrew!:)

and yes you cam use rubbing compound too, but i find it slow in removing tampos, but i use rubbing compound regularly for paint blemishes and light scratches reularly.:)

Cj said...

Hi Mike i would just like to know what paint you use for the extra detail. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey mike,
Being a proud owner of an 04 tiburon, I thought this was the best small replica of the car ever made! Would you be willing to make another? Id love one if possible!


Anonymous said...

Amazing work guv. I'm so stunned, it hurts. Definitely keen to see how it turns out!
Wheels Florida

Unknown said...

Have you considered selling it or making another? Friend heading into the marines in a month and is selling his beloved Tiberon would love to surprise him with a little replica

Unknown said...

Mike, I am looking for diecast for Hyundai Tiburon Silver but not getting one; is it something you can help me with by making one for me.

Wombat Racing said...

what car did you get the clear windows from? I have a silver Tiburon I race that I would love to make a replica of. Thanks for your time and effort.