Monday, February 6, 2012

Datsun Bluebird 510 SSS Rally

These ol' Datsun 510 racehorses where delightfully detailed by EBBRO in 1:43 scale
I'm still watching out for the 1966 1300cc version made also by the said Model company.
Please enjoy!


Juanh said...

Muy bellos Datsun; Ebbro fabrica cada día mejores miniaturas.
Es muy bueno que tengas la pareja de Bluebird de ese Safari rally.

José António said...

Very good! This safari versions are my favourits...


lorenzo721 said...

Hello Mike,

Yes you're right, excellent models by Ebbro - as always. As of myself I have the 1966 and the 1969... but not this beautiful 1970! Congratulations!


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Thank you Juanh and Jose Antonio! They are my favorites also!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Hello sir Lorenzo!

You are also lucky you have the 66 model! Hope we can have what we are missing soon!

thank you for visiting! :-)

Eric @ Loon said...

Nice Nissan Bluebird.. make me wanna get 1 also

Kin said...

Hi Mike ,

Another compatible rally icon and similiar to Ford Escort RS in the sixty.

"Great collection & great photo shoot".

PS :Mike, which DSLR camera you
used ? For most of your
indoor shooting = ISO is 200
& normal shutter speed ?

I'm looking for one and mybe later on we can discuss / share about how to get great shoot on our miniature both outdoor & indoor.

Thanks ,

Cheers :)

danielh said...

Wow!! looking good on these Bluebird 510 SSS rally model!
Excellent model from Ebbro.

CaboReyes said...

Los Datsun y los japoneses en general de los 70s y 80s tienen un encanto muy especial, es imposible no quererlos.

Un amigo tenía un Bluebird y tenía un rendimiento sobresaliente, lo imagino preparado para competición! said...

buat yang suka diecast atau mainan ya

Shaz said...

those two are tooo coool!

Starscream said...

Very good stuff. Detailed! said...

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Unknown said...

Very nice item and wonderful photography. Thank you for sharing

Christian Alberti said...

Visit my blog too:


Grzegorz (Grexik) said...

Very good models!

Maybe change links?

Please contact. ;)


Kin said...

Hi JD ,

I guess everyone is busy with their work & family.
I also slowing down due to my work as well as personal things.
But i will caught up very soon to bring the gap closer.

Hope to see your post very soon & all the best to you & family.

See you.

Thanks ,

Kin :)

AccroCitroën said...

These models look great!

Greets AccroCitroën

ADVedder said...

slowing down eh Mike? we want more!!

kekko said...

Complimenti bella collezione!

Subhash said...
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gdc said...

nice bro.
You take a shoot in good position.
Both of those classic datsun diecast looks great

seatpc said...

Interesantes estos dos Datsun, o Nissan, como se les quiera llamar.

Son dos buenas piezas y bien representadas con muchos y buenos detalles.

Un saludo y le agrego a mi lista de blogs amigos.


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Hello everyone!!! :-)

its JDMike from nowhereland!!

I would like to apologize for leaving my blog because of different things that happended in my life, its all good now!

I sold almost all my collection and gave a few gifts to my friends, specially the custom ones.

another bug bit me already and its taking all of my time almost besides work and family.

I wish you all well, and I will not pull this blog down for now :-)

Long live our little metal cars! :-)

komenda said...

Hey Mike! So happy to hear you're all and well :) priorities are family and health, thus very happy for you, taking those high on your list!
Please keep this blog alive, for those who want to see it all over again and for the newbies in collecting! And about biking, I want to see your post on them, I'm so into it, since 1980!
Best regards my friend!