Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1973 RAC Rally Daily Mirror Ford Escort MK1

The 1973 Daily Mirror RAC Rally was the 22nd running of the British rally, and the twelfth round of the inaugural World Rally Championship season. Run in mid-November in the County of Yorkshire in England, the rally which was 3020km, was run primarily on gravel, with some sections of tarmac as well. The rally carried the name of its title sponsor, a popular British newspaper, The Daily Mirror.
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This IXO model is the winning Ford Escort in the 1973 RAC rally driven by Timo Makinen and co driver Henry Liddon for Milk Marketing Board - Ford Motor Company.


Jovet's Garage said...

nice shots of the classic escort, thanks for sharing Mike!

scaled.ricer-hanzel said...

very nice escort. i like the diorama. is that scratchbuilt? i've been a reader of your blog for some time already, and my first time to post here. one of my favorites was your green/white ae111 taxi. :D

scaled.ricer-hanzel said...

also, mind if i link your blogspot to mine? thanks!


My fave car :)

José António said...

Very good photos of the MKI (my favourit, too) and very good diorma.

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Thanks Jovet! :-)

Thanks also Hanzel! :-) Yes its a scratchbuilt diorama,I think I have a post about the build. I don't mind about the link, I'll put you in my fav link also, thanks!

Thanks Brian! :-) I might concentrate on ford escorts if my pocket permits hehehe!

Thanks also Jose Antonio! :-)

komenda said...

my favorite Ford of all!
Great looking Escort, Mike

admen said...

I love thios car. Check this video, it rules!!!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Thanks Erwin! :-)

and thanks also Rajen!

thanks also for the video link! :-)

PMGabi said...

Sorry 4 my english at first...
I really like your earlier works.
Especially the Majorette Volvo was my favourite.
Can I have a question? What about your modelcar restauration/rebuilding/"overhaullin"? :)
Have you finished that?
Or have you move it away to another site?
Graetings and lot of little cars to You!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Thank you PMGabi!
I haven't touch any restoration or modification for a long time now. The time I used to modify cars has been eaten up by my time in the gym (for health purposes) maybe I can do some but not that often, I also switch to a slightly bigger scale (1:43) thats why I dont buy beaten cars in 1:64scale anymore.

thanks for visiting! :-)

Unknown said...

Fantastic diorama, congratulations!