Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Batmobile Fever

By July, it will be another batman craze that will hit Manlia and most of the world.
I already found some batmobile mods of mine from way back, that are not with me anymore.
Good thing i took some pictures before, they ended up with such great batmobile collectors.

the 1st is a Hotwheels "Ground Effect" version
the original casting...

becomes this... I call it the "Bat FX" version

and 2nd modification came in a Hotwheels casting of the
"Shadow Jet2"
original cast below...

and I present the "Stealth Batmobile"

some photos courtesy of


Andras 244 said...

have no words on this ...

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks andras for appreciating, and thanks for the visit also! :-)

Anonymous said...

how you make the paint?awesome job..

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

What do you use dor the wings?

love your custom Bats.