Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Quick Roadside Diorama for 1:64 Scale Cars

I hate rainy days! I couldn't paint my custom cars, and have to wait for the sun to shine. So the next best thing is to do a simple diorama for my 1:64 scale cars. I started out yesterday late afternoon. No actual plans, just make a simple roadside diorama with grass and trees. With the assistance of my friend Gary's post, I simply followed some techniques on how I can build a simple one. I bought all my materials from an art store and fabricated some.

First step is placing a masking tape on the board to mark until where the landscape will be, then using "plaster of Paris" diluted in an ample amount of water, simply place some on the area, by the way, I used some Styrofoam for the back to hold the still wet plaster from falling of.

After completing the task, remove the Styrofoam backing and masking tape, the plaster would be hard in 30 mins. Curing time would be like an hour or so.

Next would be painting the base color of the landscape, watercolor is enough to blend different shades of brown and green hues simulating dirt, grass, rocks and soil.

After completely painting the landscape, I let it dry overnight.

Now comes the fun part, laying grass. You can use white glue diluted in 1 part water so it will be a little easy to brush it on. When placing the grass, dab it with the tip of your finger so that it will absorb the glue and wont fly off.

Let it air dry for a few minutes, then prepare the trees, I bought a few, but thought I would need some more, so I decided to fabricate some more small ones.

some parts from our old Christmas tree are of good use.

Where almost done, I used latex paint trying to simulate asphalt, and an illustration board
to simulate the sky. And I added railings that I found lying around in my son's old toys.

and here is the finished product
testing it with a Lancia 1:64 rally car at helicopter view!

now let's see some of my newly acquired rally cars made by CM's Corp.

Lancia Beta Monte Carlo 1981 by CM's Corp.

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 1987 1000 Lakes Rally by CM's Corp.

Lancia Delta S4 1985 RAC Rally by CM's Corp.

Lancia Stratos Turbo Gr.5 by CM's Corp.


Tom said...

Great works again, Mike! You make me so surprised about your Art Skill!!!

Andrew Cham said...

amazing mike!!! i love it ........

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks Tom and Andrew! :)
It's simple, try it out and have fun! :)