Friday, August 22, 2008

2nd Philippine International Motor Show

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The 2nd PIMS is underway, beginning August21 to the 24th. Our club (DCPH) contributed to this awesome display of present and future automobiles to hit the market. Since my site is only about diecast, and I haven't been there in the venue since the set up of our display last Wednesday night, I borrowed pictures from my friend Jovet who took beautiful pictures of our collection.

here's the set up...

thats me on the rear, too busy cleaning an ADVAN Evo6 borrowed for the display from a friend Bick. Members checking out Eric's awesome htf makinen evo collection.

now for the collection, from left to right...
( to view larger versions, just click on the photos)

Gerry's(gerf) 1:64 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions

My Mistubishi Lancer Evolutions 1:18's and 1:43 Rally and street versions
together with my friend Eric's(van007) HTF Tommi Makinen Evolution collection.

Bert's(takumiskyline) Nissan Skyline collection

JGTC diecast collection of Elmer

Mini Cooper collection of Rachel(louck)

Raymond's Porsche collection (new member)

Ferrari collection of Gary(GMan) and John(Jman)

Ferrari F1 collection by Richard(chiekotz), Monpe(wildcat) and Reupert Sy

Tomica cars and buses collection by Alex(Tomylord), William(essence), Robert(hwtuners) and Mr. Danilo Uy

Herbie collection by Hamilton(dragbus)

Assorted Tomica car collection by Jerome(JT888)

Tomica Town with Assorted Nissan Models by Jovet(the architect)

Ford Mustang 1:18 collection by Reupert Sy

Toyota F1 collection by Don Davies

and for the real cars at the motorshow...
maybe I'll post it when I come back and bring my cam.
thanks for viewing and catch it live until the 24th of August!


Toycarsmy said...

Interesting event, we have yet similar in Malaysia.

118diecast said...

Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your collection at the motorshow. Cheers!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks Yeo and thanks also gene! :)