Sunday, August 17, 2008

Customs Ready for the Swapmeet

Just in time for the swapmeet on the 23rd of this month, A custom Jada 1:64 scaled Toyota Trueno AE86, done in pearl orange, blackened the wheels and added details like a TRD plate. This is for my friend Ferdee.

and next are 2 more customs from my Jada Hummer H2 Police series, this is number 04 and 05 from my own series, since Jada hasn't made one yet in the 64th scale, I'll still continue to do this until my last set of decal is consumed, which is exactly 2 sets to go. And will be making 2 more for my other friends.

these 2 are for my friends Marc and Martin, 2 avid hummmer collectors.


Eugene T. said...

wooow! im stumped as to how do you do those decals and the TRD detail on the number plates.. *scratches head*

its so detailed! :-D

Toycarsmy said...


Looking forward to see more good works.

Well Done!!


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks eugene and thanks also Yeo for appreciating, I had those decals printed in a white waterslide decal sheet by my friend
long time ago, the TRD decal came from those tomica rally car (celica rally) :) Its been raining here so no spray painting for awhile..maybe i should shoot some new cars i just got in the coming days... :-)