Monday, June 30, 2008

Matchbox Ford Escort RS2000 Tarmac Version

After seeing my friend Val's tarmac version Golf GTI nearly in completion,
I tried reviving an old unfinished project of mine, a Ford Escort RS2000 by Matchbox.
I started with this project last year, and in the process,
something would break! So I would leave the thing for weeks,
even months at a time, frustrated.

It was actually a very hard project because of how fragile it was using only
styrene plastics and some ol' plastic rods as support for the fenders.

But I got inspired again when I saw the Golf GTI in its wip state.
There was a lot of sanding in between, correcting the angle and correct
side of the fender panels. I even grind the uneven wheel arches of the fender
to their correct shapes.

here are some wip pics...

the original state of the car.

some styrene rods for support

created the fender flairs from styrene plastics also,

and added automotive putty as the filler for all the gaps.

and after all the hard finally paid off.

and some group pics with my other modified ford escorts.


komenda said...

saludo ako sa Escorts mo Mike! they are a magnificient bunch! whenever i get to find these Escorts, i'll save them for you.
:) Erwin

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

whooa!!! thank you very much Erwin!!! :-) and thanks for stopping by also!! :-)

mike :-)

Dave said...

Incredible work, looks almost real. Im based in the UK so if you want me to search I will do trades.

Pääkäyttäjä said...

Amazing job! where did you find the wheels? Please mail me in

Pääkäyttäjä said...

Really like your job! Where did you find the wheels on Escort? Really like to know. Painted my Escorts wheels in silver.