Thursday, June 26, 2008

Matchbox Ford Cortina MK4

I got this casting of a Ford Cortina from Aussie Dave tru my friend Third.
I like this car very much because a friend way back had one in 2 door black.
This was the original state of the car...

my first crack at the restoration,
painted it metallic blue and added Banana type alloys.
My brother taught that those alloys looked a lot like
Tanabe type wheels, which of course is not the right
alloys for that era.

Bad thing about aerosol spray paints is that
they are not as tough as those automotive paints.
It had a big paint chip under the door, so I had
to repaint it, and find a more nice set of alloys...

painted it black like my friends car and some nice
stock looking alloys!


Chris P said...

Thats a Mk4 cortina! But amazing job though! they are all brilliant!

alan said...

please tell me where you get the wheels from for the cortinas