Friday, June 6, 2008

Jada Hummer H2 Police version in 1:64 scale

Since Jada hasn't come out with the police version yet in small scale
My friend Dennis wanted to have one on his shelf. He gave me a H2 Fire Wagon
version to be converted to a police vehicle.

this was the original version...

photo courtesy of www.mercado

this was my version...

the chase begins...

i just replaced the wheels of the GT40 with some kind of a
GT type racing wheels and fabricated a rear wing.

I already made an additional 2 pcs for my other friends
and still 2 more are pending.

1 comment:

gary in oz said...

great looking ride would love to get one l have over 30 differant 1/64 jada police/rescue vechiles from the usa.dont have in australian stores have 4 of the 8 heat series which are hard to get..if you have one for sale would be intersted thanks and take care gary in australia