Friday, July 31, 2009

Ford GT 40 Le Mans

Another gift from Brian, just took pictures awhile ago so I can have an online record of this. For such a small scale (which I still don't know) looks like a 1:72 or 1:87scale diecast, it has very good details. I'm still looking for the 1:64 model of this GT40 "Gulf" version.

Thanks again Brian!

and for scale comparison
with my 1:64 Tomica Limited Nissan Skyline R35GTR

and with my 100% Hotwheels Gulf Porsche 917


danielh said...

never seen this Ford GT before in such a smaller scales! But the details are much better. Just look at the wheels with amazing fine details 3 spoke rims in the centres.
Certainly a good collection gift Mikes!!!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks daniel, the wheels really are superb on this model.

BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! said...

Hi Mike! I still remember that model. I still have a lot of 1;100 and 1:87 sets in my boxes at home. Some of them are by from COFFEE promos in Japan wherein you buy a pack of canned coffee drink and you get to take home a car attached to the can.

The details on that car is really superb. Nice to know you enjoyed that tiny diecast.