Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some New Porsche Acquisitions

Well actually only 3 of them are new, the others i just got carried away hehe!

I will be doing a lot of photo doucumentations for my reference because this weather is so bad for painting!

Porsche Carrera GT by Autoart

Porsche 911 GT2 by Kyosho

Porsche 928s by Kyosho

Porsche 911 GT3RS by Kyosho

Porsche 550 by Mattel

Porsche 911S by Tomica Limited


Tom said...

What is the scale of them?

Andrew Cham said...

nice mike!
i love the 928...
you must be loaded to get all these!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Hi Tom!

they are all 1:64 scale

couldn't get the bigger scales

because I dont have room for bigger scales.

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks Andrew! :)

my pockets seem to have a bigger hole

getting them, and theres still a lot more out there!

thanks for droppin' by guys! :)

Tom said...

This is 2nd time I read this entry. The cars are so sweet. 1/64 and 1/43 of AA and Kyosho are very expensive here, nearly equal 2/3 to 1/18 scale... Unlucky me!

Melvin said...

Yes Tom u r right the 1/43 Kyosho car is selling about RM 300.
Hi Mike, great collection on your Porsche. Do Johnny Lighning available at your place?