Friday, September 5, 2008

My 1:18 scale Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Comparo

This is from my 1:18scale LanEvo collection. I just got my cam and started shooting at this two cars, the Evo WRC04 (by Hotwheels) and the Evo WRC05 (by Auoart) just to compare a lot of differences between the two.

here we go...


WRC04 (Hotwheels) has optional night lamps which are detachable, down part is the lower grill is not purely a mesh type but a clear plastic that has a mesh design only.

WRC05 (Autoart) has real mesh grill and a more realistic headlamp.

Engine Bay

I would say that the 04 version has a slight advantage over the 05 version
the Autoart version lacks texture in the plastic made in this version.

Wheels and Brakes

WRC04 (Hotwheels) has the slight advantage again with removable wheels and again some optional snow tires, but the brake rotor and calipers are a little disappointing.

WRC05 (Autoart) no wheel swapping here, but the brake rotor and calipers where done very well in terms of detail.


WRC04 (Hotwheels) only 2 doors open in this version, also the back boot doesn't open.

WRC05 (Autoart) this is autoarts trademark, 4 door and rear doors open.


WRC04 (Hotwheels) less detail, specially the seats and harness, the roll cage is less realistic also.

WRC05 (Autoart) superior details on this model!


WRC04 (Hotwheels) a bit disappointing on this version because Mattel used a combination of waterslide decals and tampo printing.

WRC05 (Autoart) all tampo here!!

shot together...

some additional pics from the recently 2nd Philippine International Motor Show, together with my other 1:18 and 1:43 evos and some of my friend Eric's HTF Makinen Evos on display.

thanks to Tinio for the motor show pics!


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Zenki said...

Hi! Do you sell some of your collection? 32 GTR or Evo 7?