Friday, May 2, 2008

Turning Them Into Rally cars

This custom job was like from 2 years ago.
I just learned that Kyosho was able to produce the Safari version of the Datsun 240Z,
I don't know about the Audi Quatro? But I decided to make one myself.

the original Audi Quatro by Matchbox

and the Datsun 240Z by Tomica Limited

Masking the 3 colors of the Audi was a very very hard thing to do
Yes, its paint and not decals, I tried to apply decals first
but the ones I produced were of bad quality.
So i tried masking each color instead.
I had to let each color dry for about a week so that
there wouldn't be any peel off that would take place accidentaly.

and here they are, sorry i can't find most of my pics in my Pbucket accounts.

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