Thursday, April 3, 2008

An MGE Toyota Corolla Taxi

This just came as an Idea when i found a nice casting of a Toyota Corolla
by Motormax. This casting can make a lot of custom Corollas like, a race car, police car and I ended up making it a taxi by one of the largest Philippine Taxi company.
The usual stripping of the original paint, a 2 tone white and green combination.
Masking was very tedious for me and it wasn't really that perfect, but i need to learn the secrets.
I know that painting with airbrush rather than a can of spray paint would give a better result.
produced some decals and fabricated the "taxi sign" on the roof and the "red taxi sign" in the dashboard. Rims came from a Tomica Limited Nissan 240 Fairlady.


Paulo said...

Hi from Portugal!

I'm a diecast Taxi collector and I'm looking for diecast collectors around the world to a link exchange.
Would you mind if we exchange our links?

evil_hanzel said...

yo mike, saw this. saw your taxi in his album. also the lambos are familiar from another colelctor

bebo media inc said...


pwd po b magpagawa ng MGE Taxi for corporate giveaway with our logo at the rear bumper? We are a taxi advertising Company. Please email us your quotation at for 50 pcs diecast MGE model Toyota Vios?corolla? hyundai accent?.Thanks

Silvio Adriano said...

Hey, it is so nice to see your modification and painting. It just crossed my mind, do you sell it? I also collect taxi diecast I live in Indonesia, I hope I can hear from you :D