Saturday, April 12, 2008

A beaten Lancer lives again!

My second casting of a Tomica Lancer turbo EX came in this condition.

the windsheild was painted, the body was painted also with a brush,
all in all it was a nightmare!! I had to fabricate the windsheild and other glass with acetate.
Removed the 2 existing foglamps on the grill and fabricated a new grill with
white stripes, repainted and looked for new shoes for the Lancer and here it is...

after a few days, i decided to add windsheild wipers and side mirrors upon a request
of a friend of mine and came up with this...

after a few months, i got a chance to dislpay this Lancer in a contest, unfortunately the paint
cracked due to long exposure with the halogen light which it was directly exposed to.

So i had to repaint again, this time from silver to championship white,
and replaced those ATS look-a-like wheels with some "Banana Type" wheels.

and heres the result...
together with my CM's Rally Lancer.


JunRaymond said...

I really admire your work sir! Actually,it inspired me to buy a Matchbox #9 1974 Ford Escort and a CM's 1982 Lancer EX Turbo and I also wanted to detail them.

Just a couple of questions sir:

1. How did you separate the body & the under body and how did you combined them again?

2. On what brand/model did you get your wheels for the Escort & the Lancer EX?

3. What is the best spray to use and how to properly spray it (should I use primer 1st etc.)?

Jersey City, NJ

Cliff Jacobs said...

Hello JDMike,

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Cliff Jacobs and I live in The Netherlands. My dad is a proud owner of a Lancer Turbo 2000.

I saw this photo's about your customized account and I thought: WOW, That's amazing!!!

Is it possible to get contact with you??

My website:
(also availble in english !)