Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ford Escort RS1600 1974 RAC Rally Winner

Timo Mäkinen began rallying in Finland in 1959 in a Triumph TR3, and was hired by a Finnish BMC dealer to drive Minis beginning in 1962. BMC Rally Manager Stuart Turner hired Mäkinen in 1963 to drive for the factory team on International rallies. Because he gained his fame aboard the Mini-Coopers and the Big Healeys he is most often associated with those cars, though he later drove successfully for Ford and Peugeot as well. Mäkinen is one of only three men to win the RAC Rally of Great Britain three times in a row (1973-1975), the others being Erik Carlsson (1960-62) and Richard Burns (1998-2000).

He continues to be active in rallying today, competing in Historic and Vintage Rallies.

Timo is no relation to Tommi Mäkinen, who has also become a famous Flying Finn, winning four World Championships driving for Mitsubishi in the 1990's.

now for the diecast
its by PMA Minichamps
1:43scale Ford Escort MK1 RS1600
1974 RAC rally winner
driven by Timo Makinen and co-driver Henry Liddon


VeheN said...

=D exciting funny and so classical, its like listening to BACH; viewing these photos ... thx for share buddy

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

haha! thanks VeheN! yup its as classic as it can be!:-)

Starscream said...

Now this is nice!! Would love to own one too =)

118diecast said...

Wow! I used to have a 1:18 version of this Ford Escort RS1600. Where did you get this one? Looking forward to adding one of these in my collection soon! Awesome 43s, Mike!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Thanks Starscream! :-)

Thanks Gene! :-) where is that 1:18 version now? Got this one thru evilbay, but the price was reasonable though.

118diecast said...

Unfortunately, I sold the 1:18 Ford Escort together with the Ford Capri to a fellow collector. Thanks Mike and congrats on the new add! Cheers!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

ok thanks for the info Gene! :-)

Anita said...

You have this miniature car to sells?