Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Toyota Corolla Collection

I am trying to complete a series of road cars from the very first model that they ever came out with up to the present. The Toyota Corolla series is one of them. I know it will be a difficult task because I will be relying on diecast companies to come out with the "still missing" cars that will complete the series. A big help came from Tomica when it comes to japanese domestic market cars. They continue to come up with great looking vintage and modern ones.

Such example would be this 1968-1969 Toyota Corolla (1st generation)
gorgeously crafted by Tomica Limited Vintage.

and to document my other Toyota Corollas in my collection...
here they are.

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Rick Evans said...

JDMike. Where did you get the late model black Corolla? Did you paint it yourself?